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The Political/Administrative Alignment Imperative

Dalhousie University
March 30 - June 13, 2020
Halifax, NS
If a car’s wheels are not aligned, we use excess gas, tire tread and physical energy to stay on the road. Both the driver and passengers become uncomfortable and lose confidence in the vehicle and journey. Likewise, political/administrative alignment is critical for effective local governance and service delivery. Today, public expectations, strategic matters and community needs amidst limited resources require critical attention to elected official/staff relations.

Join peers and civic thought leaders throughout Canada to discuss concepts, strategies, tools and skills to help you and your organization’s capacity to:
  • Respond to the modern complexities of local government
  • Define political roles of elected officials and the Chief Elected Official (CEO)
  • Clarify administrative responsibilities of staff and the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Enhance policy-making, fiscal management, public communication and strategic practices
  • Ensure an effective CAO/CEO relationship to guide the organization
  • Use a dashboard to identify and remedy or prevent alignment challenges
Political and professional skills alone do guarantee success in navigating the ‘grey’ aspects of the interface between governance and administrative functions in local, regional and First Nation government. Take time to fine-tune your personal leadership capabilities.

Application Intake Dates:
1st Intake: January 31, 2020
2nd Intake: February14, 2020
3rd Intake: March 6, 2020
Jack Novack
[email protected]
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Event Type: Course
Provincial Region: Halifax

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