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Introduction to Leadership Styles in the Workplace

Royal Roads University Professional and Continuing Studies
February 14, 2020
Victoria, BC
Want to enhance your success in the workplace? Just assumed a supervisory role or aspire to the same? This two-day course is an interactive opporrtunity to enhance your current professional skills with leadership insights for personal or career growth. Gain a better understanding of leadership concepts and the impact of your own style.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand contemporay leadership and behavioural concepts
  • Appreciate the impact of personality styles – yours and others
  • Differentiate between task and people-oriented approaches
  • Deal with different behaviours in the workplace
  • Provide clear direction and feedback to others - & receive it
  • Adapt your leadership strategies for different situations
  • Develop your own leadership learning plan - for others too
  • Facilitate groups for effective decisions and actions
  • Address workplace challenges for sustainable solutions
Personal Benefits
  • Tool kit of techniques to apply to different situations
  • Less stress in assuming leadership, supervisory or management functions
  • Road map to continue your leadership learning journey
Organizational Benefits:
  • Enhanced workplace relations and wellness
  • Greater performance accountability and results
  • Future leadership investment
Eden Jaycock
250-391-2600 ext.4473
[email protected]
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Event Type: Course
Provincial Region: South Vancouver Island

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