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An Introduction to Organizational Design: Systemic Solutions to Human Resourcing Issues

Human Resources Professionals Association
February 26, 2020
Toronto, ON

Building a resilient organization begins with building a strong foundation. Understanding the principles and practices of organizational design allows HR practitioners to prevent organizational challenges before they happen. Further, with this new lens of understanding, you will have a powerful tool to discover opportunities for organizational improvement, and to diagnose the root causes of stubborn human resources challenges.

In this session, explore organizational design and learn how it will help improve your strategic perspective on getting work done through people. Join Tony Welsh, EVP, Design at Forrest & Company Limited, a 25+ year veteran of using organizational design to build stronger and better organizations.
Please note that this program is designed for those at a more senior HR level with decision-making capability within their organizations. While the program is open to everyone, we find it is most beneficial to those who are able to implement some of the learnings they gain.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand universal organizational design principles and practices
  • Gain a more strategic perspective on human resources opportunities and barriers
  • Understand the advantages of organizational design versus organic organizational growth
  • Understand the important relationship between roles and strategy
  • Learn a model that connects strategy to structure to roles to individuals
 Who should attend?
  • HR Managers and above, with an accountability to improve organizational effectiveness
  • Any HR professional interested in learning a holistic perspective on human capital issues would be welcome
Human Resources Professionals Association
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Event Type: Course
Provincial Region: Zone 4

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