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Public Works Inspection Course: The MMCD perspective - Vancouver

April 1, 2020
Vancouver, BC
This course is targeted at experienced inspectors, so it does not cover the "mechanics" of the inspection role, such as reading drawings, taking samples or doing tests. Rather, it is a presentation on the administrative aspects of the inspector's job with the intent of clarifying what obligations, rights and responsibilities the inspector has, particularly with regard to the contractor.

The MMCD requires a contract administrator be in place throughout the course of a contract and the contract administrator may delegate some of his/her responsibilities to one or more inspectors. While an inspector may perform additional duties for the contract administrator, those are separate from the obligations imposed by the contract. This course focuses on those distinctions from the contractor's perspective. The course presents some examples of where an inspector can get into trouble through misunderstanding, missing deadlines or by exceeding limits of authority. The course concludes by offering some tips on how to become a more effective inspector.

Who Should Attend?
  • Experienced Inspectors who want to better understand their roles within a MMCD contract.
  • Those who supervise inspectors on MMCD contracts.
Course Objectives
  • To explain the nuances of the inspector's role in a MMCD contract, specifically:
  • To illustrate how the contract sets up rights and obligations for all involved.
  • To explain how the contract administrator and the inspector receives their authority.
  • To clarify the limits of the inspector's authority and responsibility as distinct from the contract administrator.
  • To clarify the obligations of an inspector while on site and to the contractor.
  • To advise on how an inspector can be more efficient.
8:00 am: Sign in and breakfast 
8:30 am: Course starts 
4:30 pm: Course ends

$470.00 - Non Member 
$425.00 - Associate Member 
$380.00 - Supporting Member 
$335.00 - Sponsoring Member 
(plus GST)

Registrations will be taken up until 4:30 pm on March 25, 2020. Registrations after these dates will not be accepted.

Cancellation Deadline: Registration deadline date at 4:30 pm. Payment for this course will be charged at the cancellation deadline. No refunds will be given after this point due to the fees involved in running the course.
Kilee Freedman
[email protected]
Event Website

Event Type: Course
Provincial Region: Lower Mainland

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