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Taking Financial Statement & Ratio Analysis to the Next Level

Chartered Professional Accountants Saskatchewan
February 19, 2020
Regina, SK

Most financial professionals have been exposed to ratio analysis but very few are familiar with how ratios are used by external users of financial statements, such as bankers and stock analysts. This seminar focuses on how to analyze financial statements, focusing particularly on financial statement ratios and some of the reports that popular systems, such as Bloomberg reports, generate for external users of financial statements. The course is oriented to financial professionals who already have an understanding of ratio analysis but would like to take their understanding to the next level.

It is a well-known fact that accountants and financial professionals within an organization are more effective if they prepare and analyze their statements in the same way that external users will so that they can most effectively position their results to the external users.

By having a better understanding of the financial analysis techniques used by shareholders, bankers, and other financial statement users will be able to analyze statements, business executives can present their financial results more successfully.

Accountants and non-accountants who want to understand how other users of financial statements evaluate to be more effective in presenting financial results. This course is generally attended by those at the early to middle stages of their accounting careers who want to progress upward.

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of:

  • Financial Statement Analysis

    • Horizontal Analysis
    • Vertical Analysis
    • Ratio Analysis
      • Liquidity analysis
      • Profitability analysis
      • Efficiency analysis
      • Leverage analysis
  • Overview of software tools available for analysts
  • Industry ratio sources
  • Review Bloomberg outputs
  • Mathematical predictors of bankruptcy

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, participants will analyze real company financial statements and should bring a calculator with them. The seminar is an effective introduction for a more advanced course on financial statement analysis.


Rhonda Day
[email protected]
Event Website

Event Type: Workshop
Provincial Region: South East / Regina

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