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XZEB 1130 – Airtightness and Low-TEDI Enclosures Lab for Zero Energy/Emissions and Passive House Buildings

British Columbia Institute of Technology
November 25 - 26, 2022
Online, BC

This lab course allows for hands-on practice constructing various air barrier systems and assembly details for zero energy/emissions and Passive House buildings to meet the requirements of the national and provincial zero energy (BC Energy Step Code) and Passive House standards. Students will apply their foundational understanding of zero energy/emissions building codes and standards, airtightness and low-TEDI enclosures from pre-requisite courses and work through several hands-on lab stations to build, test, or evaluate various assemblies using a range of approaches and materials. Lab activities will cover air and thermal barrier approaches and details for foundations, above and below-grade walls, roofs, interfaces, windows, balconies, penetrations, and low-embodied carbon insulation material options. This course is offered in-person at BCIT High Performance Lab with some assignments through the BCIT Learning Hub. Students should be prepared for light construction and wear steel toe footwear for lab sessions. Tools are provided onsite, but students may bring their own utility knife if desired.

Register: https://www.bcit.ca/courses/airtightness-and-low-tedi-enclosures-lab-for-zero-energy-emissions-and-passive-house-buildings-xzeb-1130/

60% in XZEB 1001 and 60% in XZEB 1120
Melissa Hamer
[email protected]
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Event Type: Course
Provincial Region: Online

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