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Indigenous Children & Youth 2023

Pacific Business & Law Institute (PBLI)
June 22 - 23, 2023
Online, BC
Indigenous advocates have been calling for changes to the Indigenous child and family care system for decades. We are now on the precipice of monumental systemic change. Indigenous communities are reclaiming jurisdiction to provide their own child and family services. Governments are working to advance reconciliation.
With these developments come challenges: How do we achieve what is in the best interest of Indigenous children? How do we resolve jurisdictional issues? Is it possible or desirable to remove the government’s involvement completely? What are the different tools we can use to challenge the system? How can we be open to real change?
Join us as we explore these questions and more. This forum will bring together leading experts from Indigenous communities, legal practice, government organizations, and advocacy groups to discuss the latest developments and pressing issues in the area of Indigenous children and family well-being. Delegates will gain a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, and ideas on what they can do to help change systems, and support and nurture healthy communities for decades to come.
Key Areas Addressed:
- Indigenous communities that are exercising their inherent rights to provide their own child and family services
- The latest developments from Indigenous, Provincial and Federal governments
- Ongoing work by advocacy groups to support Indigenous Children, youth and families
- Current challenges, including jurisdictional issues and the need for coordination
- Tools for transformative change, and the different ways to challenge the existing system
Who Should Attend:
- Indigenous leaders, officials, councillors, elders, negotiators, administrators, and advisors
- Family law practitioners, lawyers, mediators and arbitrators
- Child service workers, police and court services workers
- Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government officials and policy advisors
- Members of the judiciary presiding over cases involving Indigenous children or their rights
- Advocacy groups and not-for-profits working to support Indigenous children and families

Attend in-person (Downtown Vancouver) or via live webinar.

To register
Online: www.pbli.com/indyouth23
By phone: 604-730-2500
Jessica Chan
[email protected]
Event Website

Event Type: Seminar
Provincial Region: Online

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